Sileby Town introduced a ‘cap’ system to reward outstanding performances by players in the First XI. Any player scoring a century in a match, taking five catches or wicketkeeping victims in an innings or taking five wickets would receive a specially numbered Sileby Town cap.

The caps were retrospecitively presented to any players still playing for the club when the cap system was introduced, meaning that some performances that go back for a number of years, were rewarded. The first capped player for Sileby Town is Nigel Kinch, closely followed by Phil Gleadell – both men scored centuries in the same game.

Cap NumberPlayerAchievementOpponentDate
01Nigel Kinch110Broomleys 1st XI1995-05-20
02Phil Gleadell100 noBroomleys 1st XI1995-05-20
03Mark Sharman7-34Earl Shilton 1st XI1999-05-15
04Ben Cavey117Narborough & Littlethorpe 1st XI2002-05-04
05Phil Chamberlain7-12Bitteswell 1st XI2002-07-06
06Lee Medcroft6-28Ibstock Town 1st XI2002-08-03
07James Melody115 noLangtons 1st XI2002-08-04
08Rob Hands6-48Bardon Hill 1st XI2003-08-16
09Eamonn Bourke6-35Leicester Banks 1st XI2004-09-11
10Matt Ellis7-56Barwell 1st XI2005-06-11
11Liam Kinch112 noIbstock Town 1st XI2008-06-01
12Jake Gillett102 noKibworth 2nd XI2008-07-26
13Jigar Naik6-40Illston Abey 1st XI2009-05-02
14Charles Woottton100 noMarket Harborough 1st XI2010-09-18
15Gethin King101 noThorpe Arnold 1st XI2011-09-03
16Jordan King5-40Lutterworth 1st XI2012-07-01
17Luke Gale102Kegworth Town 1st XI2012-09-08
18Alex Patterson5-19Stoughton & Thurnby 1st XI2013-06-01
19Aleem Mahmood106 noSyston Town 1st XI2013-06-08
20Joe Charity6 wk victimsShepshed Town 1st XI2013-09-08
21Dave Torr128 noNewbold Verdon 1st XI2013-06-16
22Clint Baker103Barwell 1st XI2013-06-09
23Mitchell Buck110Kegworth Town 1st XI2014-04-19
24Nic O'Donovan102Lutterworth 1st XI2014-05-17
25Rob Moore122Market Harborough 1st XI2014-07-26
26Jack Ford119 noRothley Park 1st XI2015-07-25
27Neil Pullen5 wk victimsHinckley Town 1st XI2015-08-08
28Brady Glennon100 noThorpe Arnold 1st XI2015-08-22
29Umar Afzal5-57Earl Shilton 1st XI2016-07-23
30Chris Trevis5-21Hinckley Town 1st XI2016-07-30
31Harry Bates7-54Walsall 1st XI2017-05-14
32Ryan Dawson5-25Syston Town 1st XI2017-07-15